49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs

49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs

Changes since 1977

Although every effort has been made to remain loyal to the original score of 147 addresses, a number of the locations have disappeared in the 35 years since the piece was created.

We have researched said locations in an effort to identify their current names etc etc etc.

Here is a list of all the changes. If you have further information about the history of any these addresses, please email .

Waltz 1.2: Center St. (Douglaston, Queens)

Center St. was originally named Center Drive, and occasionally 237th St. due to attempts by the city to unify street names. In Douglaston these were generally resisted, and it is currently called Center Drive, as it originally was. Thanks to the Douglaston Historical Society for this information.

Waltz 7.3: Lincoln Ave. between Sutter and 133rd Aves. (Brooklyn)

At Lincoln Ave, 133rd Ave is currently named Blake Ave.

Waltz 8.1: 148th St. between Morris and Park Aves. (Bronx)

There is now a medical center (the current Lincoln Hospital building opened in 1976) where 148th would have transversed Morris and Park Aves. We have placed the map marker there.

Waltz 8.3: Dongan Hills Ave. between Quincy and Patterson Aves. (Richmond)

Dongan Hills Ave. no longer connects Quincy and Patterson Aves. We have marked the open space where this street would have run.

Waltz 11.1: Trinity Place at James St. (Manhattan)

Trinity Place and James St. are on opposite sides of lower manhattan. As far as we can tell, this is historically accurate, although much of James St. was removed for the Al Smith housing projects in the 1950's. Trinity Place does intersect with Thames St. And we have placed the map marker there believing it to possibly be a typo.

Waltz 13.1: Bloomfield & Bengal Aves. (Richmond)

Bengal Avenue appears to no longer exist in Staten Island. In the area around Bloomfield Avenue there are a number of abandoned streets, which appear unnamed, we have placed the map marker on Bloomfield Avenue at the street next to Chelsea Avenue. There is however a mention of Bengal Avenue in the NYC Council Districting description that leads us to believe this is the correct area.

Waltz 20.2: 70th St. at 86th Dr. (Queens)

86th Dr. only exists for a very short stretch just above Jamaica Ave. in Queens. 70th street does not come close to intersecting it. We have placed the map marker at an imagined point where these two streets, if they continued straight, could possible intersect, placing the marker inside Cypress Hills Cemetery.

Waltz 21.3: Penn Ave. near Tarring St. (Richmond)

Penn Ave and Tarring street do not intersect, however Tarring Street and 8th Street run on the same line, and we have relocated this address as Penn Ave. near 8th St.

Waltz 25.2: Midland St. at Richmond Rd. (Richmond)

Midland St. is currently called Midland Ave.

Waltz 32.3: Arthur Kill Rd. between Drumgoole Blvd. and Outeredge Crossing (Richmond)

Drumgoole Blvd. became Richmond Parkway in the 70's, and, since 1997 has been officially named the Korean War Veterans Parkway. It is generally still referred to as Richmond Parkway.

Waltz 33.1: Amboy Rod. at Kane Ct. (Richmond)

We cannot find a Kane Ct. on current maps of Staten Island, however, based on the point on Cage's original artwork, we have placed the map marker on Amboy Rd. near an unmarked street we believe to be in approximately the correct position.

Waltz 34.3: Cartledge and Dean Aves.

Neither of these avenues appear on current maps. We did find a Dean Road which seems to correspond with the point on Cage’s original artwork, we have marked the middle of this short road. If you have information about the history of this address, please email waltz@avantmedia.org.

Waltz 36.1: Rego Park Station LIRR (Queens)

Rego Park Station was closed in 1962 with the decommissioning of the Rockaway Beach Branch of the Main Line of the LIRR. We have placed the map marker on the former site of this station.

Waltz 36.3: E. 33rd St. and Quentin Rd. (Queens)

E. 33rd St. and Quentin Rd. appears to actually be in Brooklyn rather than Queens. There is no Quentin Rd. in Queens, nor are numbered streets east/west labeled. We believe this to be a typo and have placed the map marker at this intersection in Brooklyn.

Waltz 37.2: Raleigh St. and Southern Parkway (Queens)

Raleigh Street does not currently intersect with the Southern Parkway (currently labeled as Belt Parkway). However, there is a small finger of Raleigh Street that may have intersected in the past, and we have placed the map marker there.

Waltz 44.1: Crocheron and Merrill Aves. (Richmond)

Merrill Avenue and Crocheron Avenue no longer intersect, and current maps do not show a Crocheron Avenue at all. Some older maps we have found include a Crocheron Avenue running in line with what is now Debbie Street. At Richmond Avenue Merrill becomes Morani Street, we have placed the map marker at the intersection of Morani and Debbie Streets, imagining that this neighborhood has changed significantly since 1977.

Waltz 46.1: International Arrival Bldg. at J.F. Kennedy International Airport (Queens)

There is no longer a single International Arrivals building at JFK airport. The current Terminal 4 occupies the former space. We have marked the entirety of JFK as this spot and invite anyone either in Terminal 4 or arriving internationally to conribute to this project.

Waltz 47.1: Kane St. between Court and Jay (Brooklyn)

Kane Street terminates at Court Street and, although Jay Street becomes Smith Street in Cobble Hill, two streets (Baltic and Butler) are on either side of Kane between Court and Jay. We have placed the map marker at the corner of Kane and Court.

Waltz 49.2: 43rd Ave. between 108th and 110th Sts. (Queens)

We have marked the spot of 43rd Ave. between 108th and 111th Streets. It is unclear if 110th street every ran here as 111th splits into 110th and 11th further up at 37th Ave. In the spirit of the work, we've placed the marker further towards 108th street than 111th.

Waltz 49.3: Weir Creek Park (Bronx)

Weir Creek Park was renamed Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Park in 1976 to honor the anniversary of the American Revolution.

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