Listening and Waltzing with Knitting Needles

I parked on Klondike Avenue where Bridgetown St. runs into it and ends. 31 years ago this would have been probably a empty lot full of trees. Now it is a residential development, with small two story houses. They all look pretty much the same. It's somewhat quiet here. There is occasional construction noise from one of the houses, the beeping of a backing up truck. The traffic is semi-busy a few cars go by every minute, but it's not constant. You can hear the car engines as they approach and depart, one car blasting music. During my time there six people were walking on the street, but only the couple that passed and the mailman were talking. Birds are chirping now and then, not constant. Dog yapping for a short time.

I am amused by how I got here. Rebecca Cunningham in Australia emailed me the info for Kurt Gottschalk's re-enactment of the 49 Waltzes, but she sent it the day after it was happening. I emailed Kurt to say I would be happy to participate if he did it again and he responded that I should choose a spot that had not been taken and do my waltzing. So from around the planet, somewhat by chance, I am participating in this John Cage event two blocks from my sons dentist.

Reflections on John Cage- I was excited about his music and ideas when I first heard about them and enjoyed seeing videos through the years about him. One day about 20 years ago I got unto an elevator in Manhattan and there he was. I told him I was a fan of his music. He beamed. Don't remember his exact response but he was very happy to be recognized.

— Mary Campbell